The compounding process involves multi-component mixing in twin screw extruders of primary thermoplastics together with modifying components. These components can be recycled materials, in which case they are referred to as re-compounding, or with additional additives or fillers. Compoundation creates a new type of granulate with parameters, colors and properties according to the customer’s wishes.


During the regranulation process, plastic waste of a specific type is ground and processed into granules. The resulting homogenized regranulate is then intended for new uses in production.

We produce top end technical plastics

On our lines, using the latest technology of twin-screw extruders, we compound and regranulate plastics for the most demanding customers in the plastics industry.

Coloring to the exact shade

UV stabilization

Thermal stabilization

Addition of flame retardants

Antioxidant additives

Talc filling

CaCO3 filling

Fiberglass filling

Our main advantages


We work closely with the independent accredited laboratory Testpolymer EU s.r.o.


We can verify more than 30 material properties


We reduce the carbon footprint of our customers in the plastic industry

Cost savings

We generate savings for our customers through
full-fledged material alternation

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